Oracle DBA Training Video Tutorials

Oracle DBA Training Video Tutorials

Course Hour - 30 Hours

Course Fee - 299

                                                              Oracle DBA 12C Training Video Tutorials

Pre-requisite Training and Setup

  • Understand HDD partitioning
  • Linux OS and RPM Packages
  • Kernel and OS level configurations

Understanding Storages, DNS DHCP and iscsi utilities

  • Installation of configuration of DNS
  • Installation and configuration of DHCP
  • tgtd and iscsi utilities 

Knowing Oracle DB 12c  Architecture.

  •  Understand 12c architecture

Installing 12c Oracle Software Product

  • Install and configure 12c Oracle Database Software 

Creating 12c databases (manual) and with DBCA

  • Creating 12c Database manually
  • Creating 12c Database with DBCA 

Oracle Administration and Management.

  • Understand Instance in Oracle DB.
  • How to start and stop databases. 
  • Work with control files, redo log files and archive log files
  • Understanding Server parameter file and password files
  • Different components in SGA and PGA. How to setup and work with it. 

Tablespaces | Segments | Extents and blocks

  • Dictionary managed versed locally managed tablespaces.
  • Automatic Segment Space management
  • Understanding Segments, extents and blocks
  • Block utilization parameters
  • Understanding row chaining and migration

12c Multitenant Database concepts and new features

  • Understanding multitenant architecture
  • Overviews of Pluggable databases          

Oracle networking and shared process overview

1)      Configuring and maintaining listeners

2)      Configured Dispatchers and Shared servers

3)      Understanding tnsnames.ora / sqlnet.ora and Ez Connect

ASM overview and benefits

  • Complete Overview of ASM
  • Understand the need of ASM
  • ASM instance parameters


RMAN and conventional Backup and Recovery

  • Defining backup strategy
  • Complete understanding of RMAN and conventional backups 

Rman and database Cloning Methods:

  • Cloning database using rman
  • Cloning  database using conventional methods

Applying patches

  • Different types of Patches
  • Verify and Download the patches
  • How to work with patch to database

Database upgrade

  • Upgrade Database from 11g to 12c
  • Understand 12c cdb, noncdb and 12c pluggable database

Physical and logical Standby/ Data guard

  • Configure physical standby database
  • Understanding logical and snapshot standby database

Oracle Shell Scripting overview.

  • Understanding and schedule cronjob
  • Write shell scripts

Sql loader / external tables

  • Using sql loader to load data into tables
  • External tables and its benefits

expdp / impdp backups

  • Taking logical backups using expdp
  • Data pump usage and scenarios

Tracing utilities ( oradebug / sql trace / tkprof ) and sql tuning

  • Using utilities for tracing
  • How to read SQL explain plan
  • SQL performance considerations

Course Date and Time - 2018-06-09 15:01:42

Course Availability - Yes

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