Agile PLM Installation Support

Agile PLM Installation Support

Course Hour - 10

Course Fee - 150

In this tutorial we have given each and every step in simpler way that a functional or technical professional can do the Agile PLM installation on his/her system very easily.

It covers Administration Support Activity as well.


1) Preparing for the Agile PLM Installation

  • Understanding the Basics
  • Know where to get the softwares
  • Install prerequisites required for Agile PLM install
  • Understand the recommended method and configuration

2) Installing Agile PLM

  • Copying the Agile PLM Files
  • Starting the Agile PLM Installer
  • Installer Online Help
  • Installer Buttons
  • Agile PLM Installation Modes 
  • Agile PLM Installation Folders

3) Configuring a Standalone Application Server

  • What is standalone Application Server
  • Installing Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Starting and Testing the Agile Application Server Connection

4) Configuring an Application Server Cluster

  • Installing WebLogic Server in a Cluster
  • Installing Agile PLM on the Administration and Managed Servers
  • Setting Up a WebLogic Cluster
    • Starting the WebLogic Administration Server
    • Adding Managed Servers to the Cluster
    • Starting the Managed Servers
    • Configuring a Standalone JMS
    • Configuring a Distributed JMS Cluster
    • Configuring the Load Balancer
    • Configuring the File

5) Configuring the File Manager

  • What is File Manager
  • Deployment Configurations
  • Configuring the File Manager Settings
  • Reconfiguring File Manager and WebDAV after Setting up a Web Proxy Server...
  • Starting the File Manager
  • Stopping the File Manager
  • Validating the File Manager Installation

6) Installing and Configuring Agile Java Client

  • Agile Java Client Requirements
  • Installing the Agile Java Client
  • Reconfiguring Java Client JNLP Files
  • Modifying the JNLP Files
  • Configuring the JNLP MIME Type on UNIX



Course Date and Time - 2018-06-09 15:01:46

Course Availability - Yes

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