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Peoplesofteasy - Our Training Portal is just not an online training company but a place where we understand your career need and give it a proper and slow push by proper guidance and training in a very well organized and professional manner.

We are specialized in providing a broad and high quality of Online IT Training solutions to college completed professionals/newbie, experience professionals, businesses and public sector organizations, catering to diverse requirements and budgets.

We are a team of expertise in the field of training so we guaranty on the quality and quantity of the training. The part which is most important to us is your learning not earning which brings the difference when compared with others.

Our Online Training courses covers mostly oracle ERP products like PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, OTM, Demantra, Fusion, Retail, ORMB, Agile PLM, Primevera, and in DB side Oracle database. We also cover Microsoft SQL Server.

We are working continuously with emerging technologies so that we can provide good outsourced Product Development (OPD) services and applications.

We are working on having core competencies and bigger team for establishing an excellent and well dedicated offshore software development team for the development of outsourced products and do maintenance and support.

Areas Of Specialization, Services And Courses:


Our base technology from where we started this training website….We covered following trainings in PeopleSoft:

  • PeopleSoft Online Training Covers:
    • Human Capital Management HCM
    • Enterprise Learning Management
    • Enterprise Performance Management
    • Financials and Supply Chain Management FSCM
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Campus Solutions
    • PeopleTools Technical
    • PeopleSoft Admin
    • PeopleSoft Upgrade


  • Fusion Virtual Training Classes
    • Fusion Admin


ORMB (Oracle Revenue and Management Billing)

  • Oracle Revenue and Management Billing
    • ORMB Admin
    • ORMB Install and Support
    • CCB Install and Support
    • ORMB Analytics

Oracle Apps (EBusiness Suite)

  • Ebusiness suite Training Covers:
    • Oracle Apps DBA
    • Apps Technical
    • HRMS Functional
    • Finance Functional

OTM (Oracle Transport And Management System)

  • OTM Admin/DBA

Oracle Retail Training Covers:

  • Oracle Retail Training
    • Retail DBA
    • Retail Technical
    • Retail Functional


Oracle Agile PLM

  • Installation and Support only


  • Installation and Support only


  • Installation and Support only